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By October 19, 2019 No Comments

School is back in session, which marks the return of daily homework, parent-teacher conferences, and piles of forms coming home with your children. While we know how oftentimes it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things, here are some green tips to help your classroom run smoothly and efficiently. Be sure to share with your students to help green your classrooms!

Want to do even more and help earn money for your school? Boston Public Schools is holding an energy conservation challenge, similar to the one done in the winter/spring of 2015. Sign ups for the energy challenge will begin in October, and all schools are encouraged to participate from December until February.

In the first Energy Conservation Challenge, participating schools that reduced their energy use by 5% or more over their baseline usage received a “rebate” for the savings. In just three months, the 20 schools that participated saved the district $85,532.93! Seven schools ended up earning a total of $42,573 that went back to their schools for energy improvements in their building. Congratulations to the students and staff!

Learn more about teaching energy conservation in the classroom with these lesson plans, and for more information about the Energy Conservation Challenge and tips to be successful, click here.