Greenovate Boston is Mayor Walsh’s initiative to get all Bostonians involved in eliminating the pollution that causes global climate change, while continuing to make Boston a healthy, thriving, and innovative city.

Climate action in Boston is a priority for Mayor Walsh. Climate change is happening, and promoting the activities that reduce greenhouse gases creates job opportunities and improves quality of life. We must also prepare our people and infrastructure for a changing coastline and increasing temperatures, so our City is protected from more intense natural disasters and extreme weather events.

Greenovate works with the broader community to implement the City’s Climate Action Plan, which is a roadmap to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 and to become carbon neutral by 2050. These goals were originally outlined in the City’s Climate Action Plan, and updated recently by Mayor Walsh in his 2017 State of the City Address.

Learn more about what the City of Boston and our community is doing to address our changing climate.



We take part in a wide variety of activities to involve all Bostonians in the City’s Climate Action Plan. Our team leads the communications, events, and relationship building with the broader community to ensure we are reaching our Climate Action Plan goals created in partnership with local residents, professionals, and scientists.

Greenovate Boston:

  • Serves as a central resource about climate and environment issues in Boston

  • Coordinates collaboration between the community and City of Boston to effect policy and program implementation

  • Acts as a community convener and connector to help create a bigger collective impact


Greenovate’s work could not be possible without the dedicated people and partners from across the City — meet our Greenovate team!

Greenovate Team:

  • Director of Communications and Community Engagement for Environment, Energy and Open Space, Lauren Zingarelli

  • Greenovate Boston Outreach Manager, David Corbie

City of Boston Policy & Program Experts

Mayor of the City of Boston, Martin J. Walsh

Environment, Energy and Open Space Cabinet

  • Chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space cabinet, Christopher Cook

  • Sustainability Adviser and Special Assistant, Christopher Rusk

  • Director of Energy Policy and Programs, Brad Swing

Environment Department

  • Commissioner of Environment Department, Carl Spector

  • Director of Climate and Environmental Planning, Alison Brizius
  • Climate Preparedness Program Manager, Mia Mansfield
  • Recycling Policy Director, Susan Cascino
  • Climate and Buildings Program Manager, Benjamin Silverman

  • Energy Manager/EEMS Administrator, Adam Jacobs

  • Senior Environmental Policy Analyst, Maura Zlody

  • Climate Ready Boston Coordinator, Alisha 一心 Pegan