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It can be easy to forget to turn off your lights, shut off your thermostat, or unplug electronics. That’s OK – smart controls are now available to do the work for you. Learn more below:

Smart power strips

Even when your TV or computer is turned off, it’s still wasting your money and energy. A smart power strip can put up to $30 back in your wallet each year. MassSAVE sponsors will offer $10 down for smart power strips, which begin at $9.99; a list of eligible power strips are available here.

Programmable and learning thermostats

Whether you’re asleep or away, programmable thermostats allow your house to adjust automatically. For example, during work hours, you can have the thermostat shut off automatically! Programmable thermostats save you 5 to 10% on heating bills and keep room temperatures within 2 degrees of your desired temperature. The newest thermostats even allow you to control your home’s temperature through your smartphone. Get a no-cost energy assessment, and the contractor will install a programmable thermostat for your for free! MassSAVE will offer a $25 rebate per thermostat.For more information, call 1-800-232-0672 and fill out this rebate form after purchase. To recycle your old thermostat visit

“Learning” thermostats are the smartest thermostats, detecting when you’re in and out of the house, allowing you to control your heating and cooling from your phone, and adjusting itself automatically depending on your heating and cooling preferences. National Grid customers can currently receive a $100 instant rebate on the NEST Learning Thermostat.

Lighting controls

Many different lighting sensors and control systems are available. Lighting occupancy sensors operate only when a room is occupied and are easily added to existing lighting. Daylight harvesting adjust lighting based on available natural sunlight. Addressable systems allow for individuals to control lighting for their specific workspaces.MassSAVE offers significant discounts for commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, educational, and non-profit entities (see table below).:

Residents can also install equipment like motion sensors for their own home, but MassSAVE does not offer rebates. The best way of remembering might be an old-fashioned one – Greenovate Boston offer stickers and decals for light switches to help you remember.

Device DescriptionIncentive AmountMinimum Controlled Watts
Remote Mounted Occupancy Sensor$6070
Daylight Dimming System (DDS-FL)$25 (per fixture)150
Occupancy Controlled Step-Dimming System$20 (per Fixture)150
Wall mounted Occupancy Sensors$2528
Wall mounted Vacancy Occupancy Sensors$3094
Photocell Sensors (lighting systems on 24/7)$5094
High Bay Fluorescent (HIF) Occupancy Control Systems$25(per fixture)47