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By October 19, 2019 No Comments

Winter is coming. Unfortunately, this is a phrase all too familiar in New England. Boston’s record breaking snowfall this past year makes us reluctant to think about the cold again. With the snow only recently melting, Bostonians are still focused on end-of-summer plans, pushing the not so distant memories of shoveling snow out of our minds. Yet with September underway, we must again begin to look toward colder weather and heating our homes.

Think for a minute – do your elderly neighbors or relatives live in an older home that has inefficient or even failing heating systems? Our senior population is at risk of having a heat emergency during the cold winter months if these issues aren’t addressed before they become potentially life-threatening.

The City of Boston offers a program for those eligible called Seniors Save to help prevent heat emergencies before they happen. This program is free and can save your loved ones both money and unnecessary risk from the cold this winter.

Help us help them! We can all do our part to ensure the safety and comfort of our elderly friends and family. Take a moment to see if they may be eligible.

Do they qualify?

➤Boston resident aged 60+ living in an owner occupied 1-4 person home or condominium

➤Lives in a home with a heating system over 12 years old

➤Has an income of up to eighty (80) percent of Area Median Income (One-person household: ≤$48,800, Two-person household: ≤$55,800)

If you think you know someone who may qualify, visit the Senior Saves webpage. Don’t wait! They must apply by October 31 to be considered for the program. They can receive a free energy audit and a grant of $3,500 to replace failing heating systems. For more details and even more incentives, visit the Senior Saves webpage.