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By October 23, 2019 No Comments

Can you think of items you would use on occasion and borrow from a neighborhood spot, community center, or library? We’re conducting research for a possible citywide item-share and reuse program that may be of interest to Bostonians.

The hope is that Boston would benefit from a city-wide item share program, in which Bostonians could borrow items additional to books, movies, and other media. This type of program could allow people to share resources with each other, reducing the need to own a lot of items that are infrequently used. Not only do people who share save people money by not having to purchase these items, they can save space in their homes too.

What items would you want to borrow? Some ideas that have already been offered for the item share are baking pans (for three-year old birthday parties in need of many more cupcakes!), movie projectors and folding chairs (for throwing that awesome block party!), sports/recreational equipment, and gardening tools. Our favorite? A life-size cutout of Mayor Walsh.

You can fill in the survey here and see some existing responses here.

How will this item-share be implemented? We want to hear from you: How can a neighborhood “item borrowing center” be staffed? Where should it be located? Join the conversation to help shape Boston’s item-share program today!