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Imagine Boston 2030 is the first citywide plan for Boston in 50 years — share your edits to the latest and final draft.

Join 15,000 other Bostonians by sharing your thoughts about the things the City of Boston should be doing to realize your vision for our city by 2030. Input has been gathered online, in-person, and through events (like this one we attended on the harbor).

Imagine Boston Ferry Feedback Event

All the suggestions, comments, and input have been captured in the latest draft of Imagine Boston 2030.

You can read the draft online here. If you want to jump to the climate change sections (like we did), they appear throughout the document. Here are few excerpts:

Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. As a milestone to neutrality, aim to reduce emissions by half by 2030, reinforcing Boston’s position as a global leader in addressing climate change.

As a dense coastal city, Boston faces growing risks as extreme weather becomes more frequent and intense due to climate change… To remain a thriving waterfront city, Boston must take aggressive action to reduce emissions and address climate change impacts (page 94).

Read the full initiative section for Energy & Environment here.

If you have anything to add or edit, be sure to submit via the Imagine Boston feedback form here.

Climate change impacts and the steps to reduce the causes of it are far-reaching — this citywide plan integrates those realities of Boston into its planning. Reaching our goals to reduce emissions supports an innovative, thriving, and healthy city — but we need your creative input to help make it happen! Thanks for helping to shape this vision with us.