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This post is part of a series on the new FEMA Flood Maps, which go into effect March 16, 2016. To learn more about the changes, visit the FEMA Flood Maps Service Center, visit the City of Boston’s Flood Hazard Areas webpage, or attend the community open house event hosted by FEMA and the City of Boston on January 12th, 2016.


While many of us might think, “it’ll never happen to me” – unfortunately, flooding can happen to anyone. Whether it’s water coming into your basement during a torrential downpour, or a river rising beyond its banks, flooding can happen almost anywhere. The best way to avoid potentially dangerous situations and to reduce the costs of property damages is to prepare yourself as best as you can before it happens.

Here are some emergency resources you should know about for Boston:

  • Alert Boston — sign up for the city’s emergency notification system; it will keep you connected in the event of an emergency in the city

  • Evacuation information from Ready Boston

  • The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency provides general emergency information

In order to be ready for a flood, be sure to check if you have flood insurance (most home insurance does not cover floods), which can help with repairing damages to your home (infrastructure), and replacing valuable items (contents). Flood insurance is recommended to everyone, and the resources provided here will help guide you in finding out how to get flood insurance, why you need it, and frequently asked questions.

Here are some other tips to help prepare for a flood emergency:

  • Read the homeowners handbook on how to prepare for coastal hazards — it provides useful tools for basic flood and storm preparedness information.

  • Create a plan for floods and coastal storms — be sure to know specific evacuation information from the City of Boston

  • Make a kit — this link will walk you through everything you need for an emergency kit

  • Safely store your important documents where they would not be harmed by a flood

  • Invest in retrofitting your home to strengthen it — get the advice of a professional on things you can do to your home to prepare