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By October 19, 2019 No Comments

Greenovate Boston helps Boston’s communities become even more resilient – and Climate Ready Boston is a key component of being prepared for our future with climate change.

Bostonians are on the frontlines of climate change. In recent years we have faced sea level rise, heat waves, and intensifying storms – all of which are projected to continue. We have a long history of responding to challenges with innovation, leadership, and resilience – and our response to climate change is no different.

Through our Climate Action Plan, the City of Boston is working to curb the emissions that cause climate change as well as prepare Bostonians for its inevitable effects. And Greenovate works to connect all Bostonians with both of those missions.

One of the ways the City is preparing its residents for the effects of climate change is through its Climate Ready Boston initiative. Climate Ready Boston brings the region’s top climate scientists together in order to project what climate change will really look like in Boston. It provides local residents and policymakers with the best possible information to prepare Boston’s people and institutions for rising seas, intensifying storms, and extreme heat.

Greenovate supports community members as they become environmental leaders. We provide them with the tools they need to become ambassadors of strong scientific information that will help us all prepare for the changes ahead. Sharing Climate Ready Boston’s findings and insights is one of the most important ways that Greenovate helps Bostonians understand what these impacts are, which neighborhoods are most vulnerable, and strategies for protecting our homes and neighborhoods.

Greenovate also relies on community members to tell their stories, voice their concerns, and share their skills and knowledge to help us all prepare. Greenovate will continue to connect Bostonians to Climate Ready Boston’s valuable resources, and provide a forum for community members so those resources can evolve.

To illustrate this relationship: This Summer, as temperatures heat up, Greenovate will keep community members up-to-date on Climate Ready Boston’s extreme heat projections, share useful resources to help them prepare for the heat, and invite them to heat preparedness workshops and other educational opportunities. In turn, Greenovate will ask community members to join a conversation about preparing for the heat, and become heat preparedness leaders by sharing their knowledge and skills with the community.

Climate Ready Boston puts us all in an excellent position to continue our tradition of innovation, leadership, and resilience – together.