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It takes 30 days to change a habit or establish a new one. The Greenovate Boston 30-day Carbon Challenge is here to help you Greenovate your daily routine. The Carbon Challenge is not for the faint of heart–they are intended to be challenging after all! But after 30 days, we hope you’ll be one step closer to lower-carbon living, and helping Boston reach its climate goals. The hope is that, after the 30 days is up, the Carbon Challenge will have opened your eyes to new ways of living that’s better for you and for the planet; and that you may also keep these new habits as part of your daily routine.

  1. Ditch single-use bottled water: #TastetheTap and replace single-use bottled water with a reusable water bottle
  2. Take the stairs: Burn cals and save energy by passing on the elevator ride
  3. Take shorter showers: Limit your showers to 10 minutes (or less!)
  4. Bring your own mug: Commit to only using a reusable mug for your hot-beverage of choice.
  5. Go idle-free: Are you an idling offender? Turn off the engine when you’re not in traffic.
  6. No more plastic bags: Pass on plastic bags for a month and get in the habit of BYOB (bringing your own bags)
  7. No more polystyrene (aka. Styrofoam): Can you opt for non-polystyrene to-go options for a month? Hint: you may want to convince your favorite take out spot to switch to more eco-friendly containers first!
  8. Unplug electronics: Get in the habit of unplugging electronics when they aren’t in use (that includes your phone charger next to your bed!)
  9. Give your clothes dryer a break: Set up a clothesline or drying rack and go a month without using the dryer.
  10. Ditch single-occupancy car trips: Bike, walk, take the T, or carpool to work and around the City for a month!
  11. Shop local: Can you find what you need locally for a month?
  12. Bike to work: New to biking? Commit to just one or two days per week. Ready for the next level? Go for all five days!
  13. Adopt a meat-free diet: Try a vegetarian or vegan diet for a month for a long-lasting low-carbon diet.
  14. Go zero-waste: Can you limit your waste to a one-gallon sized kitchen bag for a month? (We think you can!)
  15. Create your own challenge: Tell us what you are doing by emailing us at or tell us on Twitter @GreenovateBos #30DayCarbonChallenge.

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