What are the best examples of buildings with clean energy technologies in Boston? What are the design challenges to adapt clean energy technologies into commercial, residential, and industrial buildings? What specific roadblocks do building owners experience when integrating solar panels, district energy or Combined Heat and Power (CHP)?


The 2015 Climate Action Plan Update sets ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing resiliency in Boston. Already a nation leader in energy efficiency, District Energy and CHP are the next steps for large-scale, sustainable energy development in Boston.

This summer the Mayor’s Office of Environment, Energy, and Open Space (EEOS) in collaboration with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) are conducting stakeholder interviews and feedback sessions to understand the decision making process on the integration of clean and renewable energy technologies into office and residential buildings. Examples of those technologies include, solar photovoltaics, CHP, steam system interconnection, and campus thermal networks.

We want to hear directly from real estate developers, designers, architects, and engineers. Renzo Mendoza, a summer Fellow from EDF Climate Corps is leading this work in the EEOS office. If you would like to participate or learn more, please contact him directly at Renzo.Mendoza@boston.gov or 617-635-3254. Share your thoughts!

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