As in past years, we are asking you, the Greenovate community, to crowd-source nominations of Boston leaders in climate action -- be it an individual, an organization, or a business.

The categories for this year's awards are:

  • Waste Reduction

  • Community Engagement

  • Buildings and Energy

  • Sustainable Food

  • Trees, Open Space, and Sustainable Landscaping

  • Alternative Transportation

  • Climate Preparedness and Resiliency

This year, Greenovate is adding a special twist to the awards selection process. Once we have received nominations, we will be hosting public voting on our website, where you and other community members can vote on who you think should win the award for each category.

Your votes will identify the top 3 finalists. The final winner will be announced at this year’s Greenovate Awards Ceremony (save the date coming soon)!

Nominations are open now through April 2nd - Nominate your unsung green hero today! Voting will be open from April 3rd through April 7th 

Boston’s ability to be a thriving City in the face of climate change would not be possible without our collective success as a community. Thank you as always for being a greenovator, and we look forward to hearing about your great community members!

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