34 is a group exhibition that includes 34 regional artists each responding to one of the 34 Boston Harbor Islands. Each imaginative work will be accompanied by a placard, featuring text from Chris Klein’s Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands, which outlines a brief history of the particular island and will provide additional context for the work itself.

Artists’ Reception: July 26th, 3–5pm

SoWa First Friday Reception: Friday, August 7th, 5–8pm


1  Bumpkin Island: Hanna Rose Shell

2  Button Island: Caitlin & Nicole Duennebier

3  Calf Island: Cassandra Long

4  Deer Island: Scott Listfield

5  Gallops Island: Alison Kotin

6  Georges Island: Megan & Murray McMillan

7  Grape Island: Christopher Abrams

8  Great Brewster Island: Candice Smith Corby

9  Green Island: Steven Pestana

10  Hangman Island: Andrew Neumann

11  Langlee Island: Caitlin & Nicole Duennebier

12  Little Brewster Island: Bahar Yurukoglu

13  Little Calf Island: Carrie Witherell

14  Long Island: Beth Dacey

15  Lovells Island: Kenji Nakayama

16  Middle Brewster Island: Andrea Thompson

17  Moon Island: Rosalyn Driscoll

18  Nixes Mate: Charley Saint Lewis

19  Nut Island: Jessica Straus & Antoinette Winters

20  Outer Brewster Island: Christina Pitsch

21  Peddocks Island: Steve Hollinger

22  Raccoon Island: Jennifer Lewis

23  Ragged Island: Caitlin & Nicole Duennebier

24  Rainsford Island: Hannah Verlin

25  Sarah Island: Caitlin & Nicole Duennebier

26  Shag Rocks: Elizabeth Alexander

27  Sheep Island: Mags Harries

28  Slate Island: Christopher Frost

29  Snake Island: Allison Cekala

30  Spectacle Island: Clint Baclawski

31  The Graves: Matt Brackett

32  Thompson Island: Nick Schietromo

33  Webb Memorial Park: Christina Zwart

34  World’s End: Nikki Rosato