The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council hosted their first fix-it clinic last month, and it was a huge success!

Hosted in the newly renovated Jamaica Plain Branch Library, the fix-it clinic attracted over 50 people from the neighborhood andgeneral_fixing_2.png surrounding communities. More than 25 people brought household items to be fixed by volunteer expert ‘fixers’. These household items ranged from garments that needed mending, furniture that needed repair, and electronics such as lamps, cell phones, and computers that needed refurbishing. Joy Conway shared her experience remarking, “I was so pleased to know about the fix-it clinic so I could take my beautiful old computer and get help fixing it. It was destined for a landfill, and now it works. The pleasure of the event was enhanced by the friendly JP folks and welcoming librarians at the new JP branch Library.”

Two men fixing radio

Often times these household items find themselves in the trashcan when there are no available options to have them repaired. This clinic, and others hosted around the city, aim to reduce the amount of waste created by residents, and help shift the culture around our throwaway society.

This event is an example of the types of actions neighborhood councils can do to help implement the City’s Climate Action Plan goal of moving towards zero waste. The City recently launched our own zero waste planning process, which aims to reduce waste while creating opportunities to save money, create local jobs, and improve the environment.

Man fixing phone for woman.png

The zero waste planning process is just beginning and there will be many opportunities for members of the community to get involved. We’ll also be highlighting additional opportunities to learn more about zero waste. To stay up-to-date on the zero waste process sign up to receive updates here.

If you missed this fix-it clinic, there will be other opportunities in the coming months to work on fixing up your household items in the coming months. Check out these two events to be hosted in Jamaica Plain (September 23, 2017) and Cambridge (October 7, 2017).


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