October 5th is Energy Efficiency Day. Here are some tips to reduce your energy load and make your home more comfortable.

On Energy Efficiency Day, October 5th, we celebrate the collaborative effort of individuals, community organizations, Eversource, National Grid, Mass Save, and the City of Boston in working to reduce our combined energy consumption. Since 2012, Mass Save has conducted more than 33,000 energy audits and 11,000 upgrades! That’s worth a high-five and self-hug. In order to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions 25% percent by 2020, we need to keep up this good work.

For most Bostonians, we use most of our energy to heat our homes. To improve our thermal comfort, we need to reduce air leakage in our walls, basements, windows, and attics. During the fall and winter season, always make sure your windows and doors are closed when the heating system is on.

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Additionally, you can obtain a programmable thermostat to create a pre-set heating schedule for different temperatures during the day and week. There are multiple ways to maximize energy savings with a programmable thermostat. For example, you can save up to 10% of your heating and cooling by turning your thermostat down 7 - 10 degrees (F) for 8 hours per day.

We at Renew Boston also cannot recommend the use of LED lightbulbs enough. Do a quick walk around through your house or apartment and check all the lightbulbs; there may be a few that are incandescent. If so, swap them out with an LED bulb. During Energy Efficiency Day, we are also promoting the Lightbulb Challenge, an opportunity for you to pledge to change at least one light bulb (or all of them - don’t be afraid to be ambitious).

You can also reduce your electricity load by obtaining smart powerstrips. Smart powerstrips can recognize when a device is unused and will ensure no electricity is being drawn. There are many different types of advanced powerstrips, and you can look over this neat infographic to understand which type is best for you.

Energy Efficiency tips sheet

If you have not already had a Mass Save home energy visit, do it now! During the visit, you will receive an energy assessment, recommendations on savings, no-cost LED bulbs, a thermostat, and powerstrips. A home energy audit is an easy way to take the next step. You can also do your own energy audit if your are curious about your energy load before you schedule one with Mass Save.

Our last note is that your energy use is linked to you and your family’s habits and behavior. It changes based on how you dry your clothes, how long your heater is on, and where your energy comes from.

If you would like more resources, Renew Boston will be at the South Boston - Boston Public Library for Energy Efficiency Day this Thursday, October 5,  from 6 pm -7:30 pm. We will also be hosting very informative heating and insulation workshops during October and November, so visit the Greenovate event page to RSVP for these events.

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