The City of Boston and Greenovate are honored to be internationally recognized in Paris.

The City of Boston and Greenovate are honored to be awarded the 2015 C40 Cities Award for Smart Cities and Smart Community Engagement. Announced today in Paris and coinciding with the activities around the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21), the 2015 C40 Cities Awards highlight replicable ‘best practices’ across global cities. The awards ‘recognize successes, catalyze ambition, and draw attention to outstanding performances that have achieved a high level of environmental success in a challenging context’.

Through the leadership of Mayor Walsh and Chief Blackmon, we have been able to provide the “sidewalk talk” education about climate action to our neighborhoods and communities. We have worked hard to ensure that Boston has the best information possible; whether it’s an individual family deciding what the best investments are for energy efficiency in their home, or encouraging businesses to involve their employees in their own efforts to green their operations. Our community members are not just targets of outreach, but we consider all of your input and our interactions with you to be active contributions to the Greenovate program.

It is because of your hard work and feedback during the creation of the City’s Climate Action Plan that we have a roadmap for Boston’s sustainable future. We are so proud of our community; without you we would not have had the opportunity to be nominated and recognized!

The work we have done together in Boston can impact and inform the world; we are a city of neighborhoods, but our lessons learned can help shape other solutions around the globe. As we share best practices and work with global leaders during our time at COP21 and beyond, we hope to build on our own success by also learning from others - including continuing to listen to those right here in Boston.

We want to say a big THANK YOU! again to everyone who makes sustainable choices in their everyday lives and continues to Greenovate!

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