The Greenovate Boston team wishes you a safe and happy holiday week. Read on for 3 tips to "greenovate" this week.

Thanksgiving is a great time to reconnect with family and friends. Here are a 3 (or 4, depending on your preference) quick tips for you to remember during this holiday season:

1.) Keep FOG out of drains

Did you know that fats, grease, and oils (FOG) can clog drains and cause huge problems if poured down the sink? Keep these materials out of your pipes to keep you and your neighbors safe from any complications. Instead, this is what you can do with FOG: Cool it, Can & cap it, Trash it

Learn more from Boston Water and Sewer Commission.

2.) Compost food scraps with Project Oscar

All those extra veggie scraps don’t have to go to waste. Give them a new life as compost at your closest Project Oscar bin. If none of the Project Oscar bins are convenient, here are some other options to explore composting at home.

3a.)** #OptOutside

Getting outside this week can be a helpful in remembering why do the climate action work we do -- as well as provide a sense of calm and quiet place to reconnect with friends and family. Take advantage of some of the bus tours leaving Boston to enjoy open space in New Hampshire, or discover your new favorite park right here in Boston.

3b.)** #ThinkGlobalActLocal with #SmallBizSaturday

We like to think of ourselves as localists -- that’s why we “think global, act local” all year long for conservation, climate change policies, and more. (Read more about this concept here.) The local economy are no different than local ecology! If you are participating in some shopping this week, support local businesses. When they thrive, we all succeed. Learn about Boston’s Main Streets program, or search #SmallBizSaturday online.

We hope you remember these tips as you’re celebrating this week -- but most importantly, we hope you and your family are safe and enjoy each other’s company.

Jessica, Lauren, Lourdes and the rest of the Greenovate team

**You can do either or both!

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