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Carbon Free Boston

Carbon Free Boston is an initiative to prepare the City to go carbon neutral by 2050. The first step within the initiative, the Carbon Free Boston report, will analyze the costs and benefits of policies and technologies that could enable Boston to reach this goal. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and our analysis will help inform the City’s next update of its Climate Action Plan.


Learn more about how the City of Boston is going carbon neutral.



Climate Ready Boston

Climate Ready Boston is an ongoing initiative to develop resilient solutions to prepare our City for climate change. The latest report was released in December 2016, and outlines recommendations to ensure Boston will be climate-ready. Boston residents are already affected by extreme heat, rain, snow and flooding. These trends will likely continue.


Explore the City of Boston's climate preparedness work.



Zero Waste Boston

Zero Waste Boston is an initiative to transform Boston into a zero waste city through planning, policy, and community engagement. Zero waste is a transition towards material use reduction, repair, and reuse. Mayor Walsh has commissioned a technical study of Boston's waste management as part of the City's zero waste planning process. The process will inform Carbon Free Boston, and its results will contribute to the City's next update of its Climate Action Plan.


Find out more about our transition to zero waste.

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