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By October 20, 2019 No Comments

At our recent zero waste training with the Zero Waste Boston coalition, residents learned about the benefits of going zero waste in Boston and how they could pitch in.

Bostonians came from across the city last week to discuss waste and find out more about Greenovate and the coalition’s work on the issue.

Greenovate Program Manager Jessica Feldish and coalition member Tolle Graham started off the evening by sharing the history of recycling and compost in the city, the current work of their organizations on the issue, and what the next steps might look like.

Throughout the evening, residents explored how waste touched their lives in many ways beyond litter reduction or trash collection. Tolle laid out how waste connects with community health, climate change, the local economy, and environmental equity.

Another coalition member, Adnan Malek, then led the room in a hands-on waste-sorting activity to help attendees apply what they were discussing. He handed every person a common item like a styrofoam cup, plastic container, or piece of leftover food.

Then, he asked each person to identify the item, describe how they would dispose of it today, and brainstorm ways they could lower the amount of that item they put into the waste stream. If you find yourself in a similar situation at home, be sure to check out our list of recyclables to guide you.

The exercise generated lively discussion in the room as people chatted about where their item should be put and how they could reduce the amount of waste they created. As the evening closed, people were excited to take what they had learned back to their communities.

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