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By October 23, 2019 No Comments

March is Women’s History Month. Greenovate is featuring perspectives of women who share our commitment to climate action, and to making Boston a thriving, healthy, and innovative city. This last post is from Savina Tapia, Jamaica Plain resident and Boston Public Schools student.


My name is Savina Tapia, and I am currently a senior at Boston Latin Academy. I’ve lived my entire life in the City of Boston, specifically Jamaica Plain.

I have been a member of the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) for about 3 years, and I serve as the Student Representative to the Boston School Committee. BSAC is a youth led and facilitated organization that is composed of high school students from around the city. Our role is to serve as advisers to the Boston Public School District and local legislators. I began my work through BSAC during their “Keep the Cap” campaign, which focused on keeping the instituted cap on the amount of charter schools in Boston.

Any form of advocacy, whether its for one’s self or a for cause, is a movement towards change and justice.

My advice to young people who look to make a difference is to use your voice and have courage. People tend to discredit and undermine the power student voices, but it really is a powerful tool for any movement or cause. My words of advice are echoed through all the work I do, especially in my role as Student Rep. Any form of advocacy, whether its for one’s self or a cause, is a movement towards change and justice.

Leadership takes many forms and it’s not subjected to just one standard mold. Leadership in my life is present almost everyday. I could be in class participating in a discussion, or as part of a team working on a project; both are forms of leadership that can be taken every day.

My little neighborhood of Jamaica Plain is notable because of its diversity. Jamaica Plain’s people come from all corners and backgrounds. Growing up in Jamaica Plain has allowed me to experience different cultures and interact with different communities, and having that ability has help shaped my world views and my role as an activist.