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To help offset the rising cost of energy and significantly reduce heating costs, replace your aging heating equipment with a new high-efficiency unit. Here are some general points to consider when you’re thinking about upgrading your heating system:

  • Prioritize all insulation and air sealing opportunities first, so you don’t have to buy a larger heating system than you need.
  • Get 3 bids from licensed HVAC installers, so you know you’re getting the best pricing available.
  • Ask for all bids to include high efficiency equipment that would qualify for Mass Save rebates, so you can factor those rebates into your calculation of what you can afford.
  • Consider applying for a HEAT Loan, so you can spread out the cost of the new system with interest-free payments for up to 7 years.
  • If you’re considering converting from oil, make sure the bids include the costs of removing your oil tank and excess oil and installing any new, larger pipes that may be needed.
  • Also if you’re thinking about gas conversion, you might want to consider a cold climate heat pump, which  is a “renewable” heat option because you can get your electricity from wind or solar, either from your own property or when you purchase Renewable Energy Credits. Cold climate heat pumps produce heat in winter and cooling in summer. They are a particularly good alternative for apartments and homes heated with electricity, but if appropriately configured and properly zoned, cold climate heat pumps can help reduce use of fossil fuels, particularly in oil-heated homes. Heat pumps are expensive upfront, but may be economical if the home is configured so that the heat pump can heat and cool a space of about 500-1000 square feet that is zoned separately from rest of house.

You can start the process by filling out a short questionnaire about your home or apartment at or by calling Renew Boston at 617-635-SAVE (7283)  to schedule a no-cost Heating Assessment. During your visit, your Energy Specialist will evaluate your equipment and explain what types of incentives you might use to upgrade.

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