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Last week, Greenovate hosted a webinar about the Renew Boston energy efficiency initiative. If you would like to sign up for your no-cost energy visit. Call Mass Save at 617-635-SAVE (7283) or sign up online here.

Jeffrey Vaz is the Renew Boston Fellow for the City of Boston. During the webinar, he walked attendees through the Renew Boston residential energy efficiency program, including the no-cost products, discounts, and rebates that help Bostonians reduce monthly utility bills and increase the comfort in their home or apartment year round.

About the webinar

More than 40 of you tuned in to learn more about Renew Boston and the resources available to Bostonians to help save you money on your utility bills. Towards the end of the webinar, we answered audience questions that we’ve transcribed below.

Watch a recording of the webinar here:

Webinar Q & A

Q: Does Mass Save offer any rebates on air conditioning?

A: Yes, Mass Save offers a variety of rebates on air conditioning. There are rebates up to $500 to residential electric customers for installing qualified high-efficiency central air conditioning systems or central heat pumps. Mass Save also offers rebates up to $300 for mini-split heat pumps. If your AC system is over 12 years old, you may qualify for enhanced rebates that go up to $1000.

Q: If I had an assessment done 5 years ago am I allowed to do it again?

A: Yes. We highly recommend getting an energy assessment every couple years, as homes can change dramatically over the course of that time. Living in Boston, our homes and apartments are subject to some wear and tear throughout the year because of our brutal winters and scorching summers. It is always a good idea to schedule assessments every few years to make sure your insulation and heating system are still functioning properly. If already had an assessment a few month back and did not pursue any larger insulation or heating system projects but have since changed your mind, give Mass Save a call. You will not need to schedule a new assessment, as they will have all your information on file and you can start the process for the larger upgrade projects.

Q: What appliances does Mass Save do rebates for?

A: There are a variety of appliances that qualify for rebates. Clothes washers: up to $400; Clothes dryers: $50; Varying rebates for dehumidifiers, refrigerators, air room cleaners.

The first step to receiving rebates for upgrading appliances is to have a no-cost home energy visit. Here the energy specialist will be able to let you know if you qualify for appliance upgrade rebates. Also, if you have an old refrigerator or freezer that you want to get ride of, Mass Save also offers a recycling program where you can get it hauled away and recycled at no cost. It doesn’t matter if you are still using it or if it is simply sitting and rusting away in your garage, you can get it hauled away at no-cost.