Where To Recycle Plastic Bags & Recycling Plastic Bags Gets Easier with us. Recycling helps to conserve resources, save energy and protect the environment. Plastic bags and overwrap are recycled into new grocery bags, plastic pallets, containers, crates, pipes, decking and park benches. Plastic foam packaging is recycled into picture frames, construction trim, moulding, park benches and fence posts.

Many grocery stores will take back your plastic bags. Learn more via this resource page.

Plastic bags are NOT recyclable in blue bins. But most major supermarkets collect plastic bags for recycling. Visit plasticbagrecycling.org for supermarkets that accept plastic bags back. Note: saran wrap and cling wrap cannot be recycled.

The following plastic bags, overwrap and foam packaging are now accepted at major supermarkets collect plastic bags for recycling

  • Plastic bags and overwrap, including grocery bags, bread bags, produce bags, outer bags for diapers
  • White and coloured plastic foam packaging, including foam meat trays, foam egg cartons and foam cushion packaging for electronics


In addition, residents can continue to return plastic bags, overwrap and foam packaging at 21 other depots in these communities. A tool to find the nearest depot can be found here. Residents are also able to recycle a variety of packaging and paper through their curbside or multi-family recycling collection programs. A full list of packaging and paper that can be recycled is available on our website.

Plastic bags, overwrap and foam packaging are not collected at curbside because when these materials mix with other recyclables they do not separate well enough to meet the standards of North American recycling markets.


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