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Ever wonder why your office keeps its lights on when no one is working? Or why air conditioning continues to run over the weekend and computers stay on?

About 50 percent of savings at work come from “operational savings” – low-cost or no-cost opportunities to cut emissions and stop wasting money and energy. Not taking advantage of these opportunities causes businesses and their employees to lose a lot of money.

1. Learn to talk to a property manager or your boss: The first step to getting savings? Don’t be afraid of talking to a property manager or your boss! Our guide explains some good ways to approach others about operational savings.

2. Get an energy audit: Audits are when a professional company comes into the building to identify savings opportunities. You can get a standard audit or a virtual audit. Standard audits are when a contractor comes into your building to identify savings.Retroficiency and FirstFuel are both companies located in the greater Boston area that help conduct virtual audits, which can be seven times cheaper than the typical audit. These companies take your building’s energy use data without coming into your building, and determine if lights are being left on for too long or if heating and cooling systems are running when they aren’t supposed to be.

Now consider taking these actions at work and earn Greenovate Points!