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People often grumble about Valentine’s Day, but no matter your opinion on the holiday, it does offer a great opportunity to show your appreciation for someone (or something) special. Reduce your carbon footprint while showing your love for people and the planet this Valentine’s Day!

I <3 Trees

An estimated 180 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually. Help reduce waste by creating a personalized Valentine out of old magazines, cereal boxes, and other recycled materials. Or send an e-card to brighten a loved one’s day.

I <3 Farmers

Chocolate, the most popular Valentine’s Day gift given each year, can be sweet and sustainable! Try buying your loved ones organic and fair trade chocolate to support sustainable agriculture and worker rights.

I <3 Clean Air

Most of the world’s cut flowers come from Ecuador or Colombia and are made with harmful pesticides. Instead of flowers, consider buying an potted plant. It will last longer and will remove toxins from indoor air.

I <3 Recycling

Give antique or recycled jewelry, or look for jewelry that doesn’t lead to human-rights or environmental issues often associated with mining diamonds and gold.

I <3 Fun Times

Instead of gifts like singing stuffed animals and knick-knacks to collect dust on a shelf (or wind up in the trash), give your special someone memories that will last a lifetime. Consider sharing a winter hike, cooking class, concert, or other fun experience.