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Want to lower your energy bills and make your home or apartment a more comfortable, and healthier place to live? Renew Boston is here to help you do that! Come to our free workshop where you can learn how to save on monthly bills and make your home or rental unit even more enjoyable than it already is. All Boston renters, homeowners, and landlords of one- to four-unit buildings are welcome. Learn about how Renew Boston and state-funded Mass Save have teamed up to save Boston residents money by lowering their energy bills.



1. How to sign up for a no-cost home energy visit where residents receive the following AT NO-COST:

  • Replacement of all light bulbs to efficient LED bulbs
  • Installation of a programmable thermostat
  • “Smart” energy saving power strips
  • Low-flow shower head and faucet aerators
  • Custom energy report with tips on how to lower energy bills even further

*The no-cost measures listed above will instantly slash your monthly utility bills.*

2. 75-90% off insulation projects that will help your home retain its temperature in winter and summer.

3. Generous rebates to upgrade your heating system, hot water equipment, and appliances.

4. Opportunity to apply for 0% interest HEAT loan to complete upgrades and other projects involving wiring  and asbestos removal.


Coffee, tea, and snacks will be served, and all participants will be entered into a contest to win a door prize!