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The leaves are no longer green, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be.

Iconic Boston

For many people in Boston, the time when the season changes from summer to fall represents the quintessential essence of what it means to live in New England. Our iconic higher learning institutions are back in session, the phrase ‘leaf peeping’ is brought back into normal conversation, and local apple picking can leave you with literally buckets of apples and weekends finding new creative uses for them.

It’s easy to integrate seasonal sustainability into your life in Boston — we have resources to take advantage of the best this season has to offer.

Enjoying the weather outside

Whether you’re returning to town after being away most of the summer, or were sweating it out through the past 4 months, the fall temperature drop allows us to more safely enjoy warm sunny days with crisp air. Get outside and explore on a bike during this perfect time — with your own two wheels, or on a Hubway. If you choose Hubway, you could be the lucky 5 millionth rider since its launch. The Hubway system often has giveaways or events happening; be sure to keep up with the latest campaign from them.

Halloween spirit

Did you know Salem, Massachusetts is only a short commuter rail ride away? Check out the schedules of the trains leaving from North Station to Salem so you can enjoy a stress-free and sustainable ride to and from the most relevant place to be during the month of October.

Speaking of Halloween, skip the pre-made costumes and get creative with your outfit. Local thrift storesoffer affordable options for helping to transform your look for Halloween, while reusing previously worn items. Pick up the essentials to look like your favorite TV or movie character — some stores even curate their costume looks!

Whether you’re carving a pumpkin, discarding buckets of apple cores or skins, or raking leaves, there are options for you to compost all of that organic waste. Know your leaf and yard waste pickup schedule by checking in with Public Works here, and find the closest Project Oscar bin near you to say goodbye to your dilapidated pumpkin at the end of the month.

These small actions are one piece of the larger story of climate action in the City of Boston. Integrating these solutions into everyday life so they are easy, fun, and healthy helps greenovate our culture.