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By October 29, 2019 No Comments

Many of us in JP and beyond are concerned about our food system. From unsustainable farming techniques to food deserts to widespread poor nutrition, the problems can be overwhelming. The good news is that Food Solutions New England (FSNE) has presented us with a Vision, A New England Food Vision for a regional food system that is sustainable, equitable and resilient. And, we all have a part to play in bringing this Vision to life.

In Fall 2014 the JP Forum hosted “Can New England Feed Itself” in order to explore the Vision in depth with folks from the FSNE network. This summer we will check in with Karen Spiller from the FNSE network to learn about a systems strategy- a “pathway” for realizing the Vision.

This food system work continues to call for a diversity of contributions to transform our current system. What contribution will you or your organization make to collective change? Join us to learn more and discuss how we can all create sustainable and equitable food system for New England.