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Increasing Boston’s urban forest benefits city residents through environmental and aesthetic improvements. City trees enrich the lives of all residents by providing many benefits, including: beautification of city streets, providing a respite on hot summer days, improved air and water quality, and offsetting our carbon emissions.

Boston currently has 29% tree canopy coverage across the city’s many neighborhoods and the City aims to increase Boston’s tree canopy to 35% by 2030.

The City is planting a lot of new trees each year, but newly planted trees have a difficult time getting established in a tough urban environment. With your help, the City of Boston’s young street trees have a better chance of survival.

In order to help the young street trees reach a mature state, the City needs help from individuals, businesses, and organizations. Continue reading to learn how you can help Boston’s urban forest grow!

Young trees – those less than 10 years old – die especially often, and require constant care. You can join one of many Boston’s neighborhood tree maintenance programs to take care of the trees on your street or in your local park.