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Great news! There is now a new way for you to stay connected with us and with your neighbors. Greenovate Boston has partnered with with, a free, private social media platform to stay connected with other residents in your neighborhood.

We’ll be using Nextdoor to share neighborhood-specific Greenovate Boston events and updates with Nextdoor users. But don’t worry, it is still a private network. We won’t be able to see your neighbor-to-neighbor conversations, but you can visit our page and see all the Greenovate Boston related conversations in one place.

Nextdoor is a great tool for you to connect with your neighbors and help Greenovate your community. Over 130 neighborhoods in Boston are already on the platform and they are talking about everything from plumber recommendations, to missing pets, to neighborhood BBQs! Plus, Boston Police Department and the Boston Public Health Commission are also on the platform, sharing updates on crime and safety specific to your neighborhood.

Take advantage of this free program, and sign up here to be a Nextdoor user today!