Help us end Earth week and kick-off a summer full of action with our first Urban Wild Clean-Up of the year at Mattapan’s Gladeside Urban Wild Clean-Up!

The City of Boston’s Environment Department and Parks and Recreation Department are organizing a clean-up at the Gladeside Urban Wild in Mattapan.

A major component of the clean-up will be the picking up and disposing of trash in the surrounding area. Another component will involve the physical removal and disposal of invasive species.

Invasive species are a group of organisms that are not native to a specific area and are harmful to the native organisms. This is due to the competition for resources that they create among the native organisms.

The Parks and Recreation Department will lead the education and removal of invasive species portion of the event. They will help volunteers identify and remove the invasive species that are affecting the Gladeside Urban Wild.

Please remember to bring(please check weather before event):
1. Water
2. Jacket
3. A hat
4. Sunglasses
5. Bug Spray
6. Close-toed shoes
7. Pants or sweatpants
8. Tools and gloves, if you have them.

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