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Time is running out to take advantage of Mass Energy’s Drive Green program! If you are thinking about purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle (EV), be sure to look into Drive Green before February 28th.


What is Drive Green with Mass Energy?

Mass Energy is a nonprofit organization working to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable. In order to reach this goal Mass Energy launched the Drive Green program, which makes it easier and more affordable for people to purchase or lease an electric vehicle. Anyone is welcome to take advantage of Mass Energy’s discount and applicable rebates–the deadline for this program is February 28, 2017.

How to participate:

In order to participate, you have to apply here or call 800-287-3950 x5. Once you apply, a participating car dealership will contact you to answer your questions, schedule a test drive, and secure the final price of the vehicle. Discounts are subject to change on a monthly basis.

Other federal and state incentives:

In addition to Mass Energy discounts, there are federal and state incentives that can help save you even more money on your new EV. For those who decide to purchase a vehicle, certain cars can qualify for a federal income tax credits. At the state level, both Massachusetts and Rhode Island offer rebates, again for consumers who purchase a vehicle. Learn more about the federal and state incentives here.

Learn first hand from a fellow Greenovator how easy it is!

We let the Greenovate community know about this great program when it was launched back at the end of last year. We were really happy to hear from someone that they looked into this program after reading about it an email we sent out. Celis wanted to share just how great and easy it was to purchase an EV for his family. Here’s what he told us:

 “My wife and I, a Kindergarten teacher and non-profit administrator, never thought that we would be able to afford a new electric car. The trifecta of the Drive Green discounts, the MOR-EV state rebate and federal tax credits made it an almost cost parody with our 2003 Chevy Impala and possible to fit into our budget. We could not be happier with the decision. Beyond the bliss of having a new car, we feel proud to contribute towards a commonwealth by supporting healthier communities with the zero-point emissions vehicle and supporting local renewable energy sites with our electrified transport.”