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With over 100 inches of snow this year, it can be hard to remember that water is a finite resource. This Sunday, March 22, is World Water Day–a day to focus our attention on water issues and remind ourselves that every drop counts. Not only is saving water good for the environment, but it also saves energy–which saves you money!

Fortunately, if you live in Boston, there is a quick, easy action that you can take to save water at home. For a limited time, Renew Boston is offering discounted home energy efficiency kits. These kits range from $10-15, have a retail value of over $60, and can save you much more than that.

For example, the water saving shower head provides a luxury shower head while saving water. Not only does this shower head use top of the line technology to let you know when your shower is hot and ready, but it also means you won’t waste water while waiting for your shower to heat up.

By using this shower head you can save up to $246 on your energy bill and 8,212 gallons of water a year.

These huge savings won’t just benefit you, but will have massive savings for the planet and the people living on it. The World Health Organization estimates about 2 gallons of water a day will meet the needs of most people under most conditions. This means the savings from installing a water saving shower head is enough to provide one person with enough water for more than 11 years!

For more information on World Water Day click here.

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