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The BPDA will use the updated guidelines to identify future climate risks and help developers implement strategies to address them while aligning with the City’s carbon reduction goals.

The governing board of the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) voted this fall to approve an update to the agency’s Climate Resiliency and Preparedness Checklist. These new guidelines are informed by Climate Ready Boston recommendations to ensure the city is preparing for the near- and long-term impacts of climate change.

You can read the updated Checklist here.

The BPDA has updated the Checklist to reflect the best available science from Climate Ready Boston and emerging industry practices. Utilizing the updated guidelines, the agency will work with project developers to identify how they are adapting to at least 40” of sea level rise and preparing for other climate impacts such as increased precipitation and temperatures.

Developers can also reference the new BPDA Sea Level Rise – Flood Hazard Area Map in their planning process. This map shows future citywide flooding conditions at the parcel level with a 1% annual storm event and 40’’ of sea level rise.

The update applies to all new development projects in the City of Boston subject to Zoning Article 80-B Large Project Review.

Through this update, the City of Boston is taking an important step to ensure that climate preparedness is embedded across departments into City policies and practices.

You can read the update in its entirety on the BPDA Article 37 Green Building and Climate Resiliency Guidelines webpage.