Are you a resident of Allston and Brighton? Do you use either the 57, 64, or 86 bus? Allston Brighton Health Collaborative needs your help to improve these routes!

If you’re interested in volunteering to improve these major bus routes in Allston-Brighton, contact Anna Leslie of the Allston-Brighton Health Collaborative at to learn more. Or!…

If you’re ready to dive in and ride along, follow these easy steps to collect helpful data:

  1. Choose which route you would like to travel. The best time of day to observe and collect data is commuter times (7am-9am and 4-7pm).
  2. Download and print your route’s check list. Each list includes a full list of inbound and outbound stops.
  3. Head to the beginning stop of either the inbound or outbound line. Be sure to bring a timer, pen, and snacks!
  4. In addition to recording time intervals, make note of any obstructions at bus stops, particularly busy stops or difficult intersections. And be sure to talk to the driver – they have a very useful perspective!
  5. Email your completed check list to, or let her know where she can meet you to pick it up!

Thank you so much for your commitment to improving transit for our neighborhood and city!