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By October 19, 2019 No Comments

Today, Chief Swett joined A Better City (ABC) to kickoff the 2015 Challenge for Sustainability. Since 2009, ABC’s Challenge for Sustainability has been helping Boston companies and property owners increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Challenge is a unique and incredible program that is making measurable greenhouse gas reductions within the Large Building and Institution sector,” said Brian Swett, Chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space.

Since 2009, Challenge for Sustainability participants have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 18 percent, helping achieve the Greenovate Boston goal of 25 percent reduction by 2020.

At today’s kickoff, ABC announced a handful of new participants, including Jamestown, Metlife, and Oxford. In addition, Equity and Synergy both added buildings to the Challenge this year. Since 2009, the program has grown from 17 facilities to 138, encompassing over 45 million square feet.

And its offerings have grown as well. The Challenge integrates with Portfolio Manager and utility green button programs, making energy reporting a cinch. It also now includes a resiliency toolkit and a GHG mobile source emissions calculator.

Here is the best part. The program is free to participate! Learn more about the program, and how your business can participate at