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At the Climate Ready Boston South Boston Open House, residents and stakeholders from across the neighborhood came out to get project updates and share their insights.

 The room was buzzing with conversation and energy on Monday as people circulated around the room at our Climate Ready South Boston open house.

Project team members provided information on the climate resilience planning process at different stations, and people chatted with one another and shared their local knowledge of the neighborhood. Over 70 people came out to the event, and many took the opportunity to vote on the proposed strategies like seawalls, elevated roadways, and harborline walks that they would like to see implemented in South Boston.

Resident input was tallied with stickers and flags at stations that explored solutions to coastal resilience. We have recorded all your valuable feedback and will be sharing it out soon — it will be used soon to inform the study’s recommendations of strategies the City should prioritize to better prepare South Boston for climate change.

As people moved from station to station, they received stamps on a passport that encouraged them to experience the project in full and provide their input on climate resilience strategies for different areas of South Boston like the Fort Point Channel, South Boston Waterfront, Marine Industrial Park, and Reserve Channel.

Early stations laid out the planning process, and detailed what is at stake with the threat of impacts like sea level rise, coastal flooding, and increased storm surges. Residents got a birds-eye view of likely flooding routes across key streets, buildings, and sections of South Boston if climate change impacts continue to increase in the neighborhood.

Later stations asked people to weigh in on which strategies and neighborhood amenities they supported. On another map, residents got a chance to voice their on-the-ground insights and opinions about specific public spaces and intersections.

We will be hosting another open house to gather more community feedback. So, if you did not get a chance to voice your thoughts this time, please join us at the next one. You can still fill out the project survey here and add your voice to our over 300 respondents. A big thanks to everyone who came out and made the event a success.