Over the past year, the City of Boston has continued to reach towards its climate goals. We achieved several key milestones and launched new initiatives to expand our programming.

2017 has been a big year for climate action in Boston. Through collaboration with community partners and residents, Greenovate has continued to build out our Climate Ready Bostonprogram, serve residents through Renew Boston, launch our Zero Waste Boston initiative, and officially introduce our Carbon Free Boston initiative.

Take a look back with us at key moments from our year below:

  1. In April, werecognized our 2017 Greenovate Award winnerswith a big celebration at 888 Boylston with our partner Boston Properties. Do you know someone who deserves the award in 2018? Nominate them now.
  2. Wetook on Atlanta in the Better Buildings Challenge SWAPand showed them why we’re the most energy efficient city in the country! The Central Library branch of Boston Public Libraries smoked our competition in energy efficiency.
  3. Additionally, weinitiated our Climate Ready Boston Leaders program, which had 36 graduates who reached over 600 people in Boston. With our second cohort launching next month, we are excited to take this program to the next level.
  4. In May, Mayor Walsh tookthe next step in our zero waste planning processby calling for a study to produce recommendations on how to move the city towards zero waste.
  5. In June, Boston joined with other cities across the country topreserve critical climate change datathat is no longer available on the EPA’s website. This data is available to the public, and you can see it at ClimateChangeData.boston.gov.
  6. In August, we debuted a new way for you toaccess Climate Ready Boston data with our Map Explorer Tool. Select different layers to see a new perspective on Boston’s climate vulnerabilities and demographics across the city.
  7. In September, Mayor Walsh met with the Mayors of Cambridge and Copenhagen andagreed to collaborate with them on urban climate solution strategies.
  8. Come October, Greenovate released ourlatest set of large building energy and water dataon our open data hub.
  9. In November, the Environment Team completed the Charlestown and East Boston coastal resilience study.Mayor Walsh announced immediate measures to protect both neighborhoodsfrom current and future flooding.
  10. Late in November,Mayor Walsh debuted our Carbon Free Boston initiative. We are analyzing the technologies and policies in pursuit of a carbon free city. The results of this study will inform Boston’s next Climate Action Plan.

We look forward to another great year of Greenovation with everyone in Boston in 2018!