The City of Boston is committed to reducing waste by increasing recycling and reuse, and diverting organics. By keeping these valuables out of Boston's waste stream, we can collectively save money, create local jobs, and improve the environment. The City also welcomes innovative strategies to stop waste before it starts; that can include reducing consumption, comprehensive waste education, or new technologies to replace wasteful processes.




Project Oscar 

Project Oscar is Boston’s first 24-hour community compost pilot program. The Oscar compost bins provide members of the community with a place to drop off food waste. There are currently six community compost bins around the city!

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Compost at Home

Boston residents can compost at home. (Boston residents qualify for subsidized compost bins and buckets).

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Zero Waste Planning Process

The City is exploring a zero waste plan for residential waste, which could include more robust recycling policies, composting programs, and garbage disposal installation. Stay tuned for an opportunity to join the zero waste planning process--the best way stay informed is by joining our newsletter. 

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Recycling in Boston 

Knowing what can and cannot be recycled can be tricky.  

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