You can see smiles on the faces of community gardeners across Boston- it’s compost delivery time!




Do you remember doing yard work last spring, filling brown yard waste bags, and placing them curbside for the City to pick up? Well, over the last year, the Public Works Department has turned residents’ yard waste into compost and leaf mulch at the City’s compost site.

In fiscal year 2016, approximately 22,000 cubic yards of residential yard waste, garden debris, Christmas trees, leaves were composted.  Every spring, Public Works delivers truckloads of finished compost to community gardens across the city.

Here are photos of a compost delivery at a community garden in Roslindale. Once the compost is delivered, gardeners will be able to add the compost to their soil mixtures and add it to their plants as a natural fertilizer, helping the plants stay strong and healthy.



Get involved

It is that time of year again to put your yard and garden debris out at the curb. Your participation helps to keep compost available for our city gardens, as well as helping the City to save money on disposal costs. Yard waste collection is happening this week and runs through the first week in December. Check the schedule for yard waste pick up here.

Yard waste collection instructions

  • Place leaves and yard debris in large paper leaf bags or open barrels labeled “yard waste” (no plastic bags).  Yard waste stickers for barrels are available by calling (617) 635-4500.
  • Tie branches with string: 3’ maximum length. 1” max. diameter. Do not put branches in barrels.  
  • Barrels, bags and branches should be placed on curb by: 7:00 AM on Recycling Day
    • If you have 2 recycling days per week, collection is on the first recycling day of the week
    • Yard waste will be collected curbside on scheduled collection weeks only



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