Today, gets a new look, and with this update we are taking a major step in driving climate action in Boston. Earth Day provides an opportunity to look back at this program’s inception, how it has evolved, and discuss its future.


Before launching in 2013, Greenovate Boston initiative was little more than idea started by the Green Ribbon Commission. In 2012 it had less than 1,000 followers on Facebook and even fewer on Twitter. was a single webpage, and the e-newsletter went out to only a couple thousand people every few months.

Since then, the initiative has grown substantially thanks to the dedication of its staff, the vision and leadership of both Mayor Menino and Mayor Walsh, the generous support of the Barr Foundation, and most importantly, the passion and dedication from you all--the individuals and organizations that fuel this movement. It has undergone a good deal of change--most recently with the announcement of its manager, Leah Bamberger, who will be leaving May 1 to take on a new position with the City of Providence. I’d like to thank Leah for all of her hard work and dedication to supporting and growing this movement in Boston.

Greenovate Boston now has a base of over 10,000 followers. The Greenovate Boston Community Summit is year two, and we communicate with you all via daily tweets and posts, weekly e-newsletters, quarterly Neighborhood Committee meetings, and countless events all over the City. With the help of our partners, Greenovate Boston has brought you Adopt-A-Tree, community compost, bike-fix-it stations, and seed sharing. And in January 2015, we launched the Greenovate Boston Climate Action Plan, which was a collective effort that could not have happened without the input and support of thousands of committed Greenovators.

The best is truly ahead. Greenovate Boston has taken off, and it continues to be a community-driven movement powered by your actions and your commitment to making Boston a healthier and thriving city. Going forward, Van Du will be the point person for Greenovate Boston. She'll be supported by our remarkable and dedicated staff including Lauren Goldberg and Brooke Howat, and will continue to operate under the leadership of Mayor Walsh and myself.

Working with you all through Greenovate Boston is an amazing and humbling experience. Your tireless efforts and hard work have provided daily motivation for me and countless others. I look forward to seeing this movement continue to thrive and grow in Boston.


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