With over 1,000 vehicles, greening the City’s diverse fleet is no simple task. Yet, with now over 120 hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the City is making significant progress. The City recently worked with XL Hybrids, Inc, a Boston-based company founded by MIT alumni, to install its award-winning XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System in four city-owned vans. This technology can deliver a 25 percent increase in miles driven per gallon, and will help reduce pollution and save money on gas.

“Utilizing this technology will save tax-payer money and is a win-win for any business or organization,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

“We have more than 160 full-sized passenger and cargo vans in our fleet,” said Jim McGonagle, director of central fleet management for The City of Boston. “Since XL Hybrids is based in Boston, working with them is simple and smart. The ability to retrofit vans from our existing fleet allowed us to see immediate benefits. There were no driver training or maintenance requirements. I look forward to ordering new vans with the XL Hybrids system in the coming months.”

The City of Boston has had a green fleet policy since its 2007 Executive Order on Climate Action. This policy mandates that all vehicles purchased must be alternative fuel, flexible fuel, or hybrid vehicles, unless they are not available for the necessary function. Currently, all diesel powered City vehicles use a B20 bio-diesel blend and the City strives to replace ten percent of its fleet each year with alternative fuel vehicles. In addition the City’s car-sharing system has dramatically reduced the size of the City’s fleet and overall efficiency.

“We’re excited to be working with our own city in supporting its sustainability goals,” said Clay Siegert, XL Hybrids’ co-founder and vice president. “The XL Hybrids charge-sustaining powertrain has a quick adoption rate because it doesn’t need any special plugs, charging or fueling infrastructure. Plus, the system installs in just six hours, allowing commercial and municipal fleets to increase their miles driven-per gallon and effectively reduce operating costs.”

Named in 2014 one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies – #3 in the Energy Sector – by Fast Company, XL Hybrids has also been recognized with an NTEA 2014 Green Award for innovation in improving work truck fuel utilization. The Coca-Cola Company, FedEx, PepsiCo and other national fleets have adopted XL Hybrids’ technology.


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