The Carbon Challenge continues! Greenovate Boston is using multimedia campaigns to encourage Bostonians to take simple steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and lower their impact on climate change. Our first campaign focused on taking steps to become energy efficient and reduce waste at the office.

Next up: we are challenging homeowners to save energy (and money!) with three simple steps. Check out our Home Energy Savings video created by MassArt alum Eben McCue. The video will soon be featured on WCVB Channel 5. We hope viewers see just how trouble-free it can be to start greening their homes. It really is as easy as “3-2-1”:

3: Change 3 light bulbs for more energy efficient models such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) or LED light bulbs. These bulbs can generate about 75% in energy savings and an estimated $300 in cost savings over their lifetime. Want to learn more about energy efficient lighting? Join Greenovate Boston this Friday, April 4 from 12 – 2pm at Boston's Flagship Walgreens (24 School St.) for a demo on energy efficient light bulbs and MA Statewide Utilities’ residential energy efficiency lighting programs.

2: Turn your home’s thermostat down 2 degrees. Your heating system won’t have to use as much energy to heat your home and you could save as much as $100 over the course of the year.

1: Tell 1 friend to join you in the 3-2-1 campaign! You may be helping to save them money and energy too! While you are at it, contact your local policymakers to let them know that this is an issue you care about and urge them to support policies that help save energy.

Take the pledge to take these energy-saving actions in your home by texting “321” to (617) 945-8867, and we’ll send you text message reminders only four times over the course of a month. Share this video with your friends and family and join the movement to help make Boston a more energy efficient city.

Learn more about saving money on your home energy bills and sign-up for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment:

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