Our second cohort of Climate Ready Boston leaders are trained and ready to talk climate resilience. Find out more about their journey and how you can plug in.

I had the opportunity these past two weeks to meet and train 67 total new Climate Ready Boston Leaders. They will soon be hosting climate preparedness events throughout Boston in their neighborhoods, organizations, workplaces, and homes.

How did the trainings go?

It was a great experience training the newest cohort. I got to meet folks from different industries and neighborhoods with diverse combinations of interests and expertise. It was exciting to be surrounded by passionate people who not only want to contribute to a more Climate Ready Boston, but are taking the initiative too within their communities to do so.

We are excited to see how they share the information in their presentations, what concerns people share with them, and how every individual Leader grows through the challenge of engaging with their networks in new ways. Collaborations between first and second cohort Leaders will also be exciting to see!

Who are the new leaders?

Our second cohort is made up of people from almost all of Boston’s neighborhoods, with Dorchester, Roxbury, and Jamaica Plain taking the lead by number of leaders. We also have people from many different organizations and businesses looking to embed a more Climate Ready approach into the work they do.

Some leaders are interested residents looking to share this information with their friends, families, and neighbors. Others are students making the link between study and action.

At a training

When can you attend a presentation?

As Leaders begin scheduling their presentations, we invite folks from across Boston to sign up to attend one. We will post the schedule on our community calendar, so be sure to check that out! If you want us to contact you about the next presentation in your neighborhood, sign up for updates here.

How has the Climate Ready Leaders Program evolved?

The Climate Ready Boston Leaders program is a pilot program of Greenovate and Climate Ready Boston. The first cohort trained in June 2017 and offered over 35 events, reaching over 600 people across the city and surrounding metro area. The program not only increases understanding around the effects of climate change in Boston, but also asks people to consider their role in the process.

One of the goals of the program is to connect with our City’s residents who know the challenges in their communities firsthand and support them in leading direct action in their neighborhoods.

Before launching our second cohort, we incorporated feedback from first cohort Leaders, presentation attendees, and our staff into the updated materials and presentation. We are thrilled to continue to work and connect with more people and organizations working at the intersections of climate, health, equity, and justice.

How can you get involved?

Stay up to date to attend a second cohort Leader’s presentation! You can also check out our neighborhood toolkit for ideas on how to increase preparedness in your neighborhood. Be sure to keep up with Greenovate’s upcoming events, where you can connect with the City and other Bostonians working towards a Climate Ready, Carbon Free, and Zero Waste city.

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