I am excited to join the Greenovate Boston team as a Project Coordinator and look forward to meeting and working with my fellow Bostonians to make Boston Climate Ready!

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My name is Muge Undemir, but most people call me Mugzy. I am very excited to join the Greenovate Boston team as a Project Coordinator. I will be working to further develop our Climate Ready Boston Leaders program and creating opportunities for neighborhoods and communities to engage with the City of Boston around Climate Ready Boston initiatives.

My love for Boston and its changing urban landscape started in my first year at Northeastern University. I have always been fascinated by processes that shape the urban landscape and the secrets that are embodied and concealed within it. Since my first year, I have strengthened my connection to the city through my experience with projects that have unpacked Boston’s controversial pasts and subsequent presents.

This past January, I graduated from Northeastern University with a Masters of Design in Sustainable Urban Environments. There, I was able to work at the intersection of climate change, ecology, landscape, art, social justice, and design. I have also completed a Master of Arts in Climate and Society from Columbia University, which gave me the opportunity to develop my understanding of how climate change effects society unequally, making it imperative for us to understand and change social and political systems.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging with my three cats, living and creating in JP, biking around the city, and making maps. Here’s an example, a map of my bike route to City Hall:

Mugzy bike route map

In order to reach broader audiences and develop creative strategies that highlight the many faces of climate change, I believe we have to think outside of the box. My most recent work engages with Boston’s public spaces, more specifically the MBTA Orange line, creating strategies that tell stories of the changing space, allowing people to contribute their own stories and increasing civic participation to create a dialogue between the past, present, and potential future of the area.

I look forward to learning and leading with Climate Ready Boston and the whole Greenovate team in this new role. Feel free to reach me at Muge.Undemir@boston.gov if you would like to connect!

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