Note: This is a community-led and organized event. 

Greetings! Bostonians! Environmental advocates and friends! Come celebrate the month of March with a Plastic-Free Potluck and meeting new people in the community at my humble abode in Roxbury.


- Time: 2pm - 12pm
- Location: RSVP to receive location (email me at or text 401 281 5000)
- What to bring: yourself, friends and a dish to share


What's going to happen? Around 3pm I'm going to host a discussion on climate change and how Boston is being proactive in preparing for the future. Through Greenovate Boston, myself and a group of others are hosting events to discuss climate change and work towards a sustainable future.

Plastic-Free Potluck! Show up with something delicious to share. But can you do it with this constraint? Don't use any one-time-use plastics in the preparation or packaging and transport of your food. That means, don't buy a bag of chips, don't buy a package of salad, don't buy a pack of hamburger buns, but do put something in tupperware that is meant to be reused many times. For a salad, you could grab bulk spinach from the local co-op, like Harvest. Do bring home-made things that aren't packaged in plastic. They will be fresher and taste much better too! 

Just one anti-plastic stat because I can't resist: it takes more than 500 years for plastic to degrade. About 500 billion plastic bags are used each year. Oh and about 1 million sea birds die each year due to ingesting plastic. Well that was three facts, but the idea is, get motivated for this plastic-free potluck! While I am vegetarian, you are welcome to bring a meat dish that I'm sure others will appreciate. Whatever dish you want to bring, it'll be all good.

March 10, 2018 at 2pm - 8pm
Danny Kirschner · · 401 281 5000

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