On May 31, 2014, Mayor Martin J. Walsh showcased four large institutions that have joined the Mayor’s Carbon Cup by each committing at least one million square feet of building space to a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 2020. These institutions collectively committed roughly 15 million square feet to the Cup and, if successful, will remove over 75,000 metric tons of GHGe from a 2005 baseline, equivalent to weatherizing close to 60,000 housing units. The Cup is actively seeking new commercial real estate, hospitals, and universities to commit throughout this year.

Special thanks to Artists for Humanities for designing and crafting the unique awards!

Carbon Cup Participants



Achieved in 2014

Committed by 2020

Massachusetts General Hospital – Partners HealthCare

5.6 million square feet (35%)


Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Partners HealthCare


3.1 million square feet (35%)

Harvard University

1.1 million square feet (35%)

30% absolute reduction across entire North American campus by 2016

Boston University

1.1 million square feet (35%)

5.2 million square feet (35%)


About the Carbon Cup 

Mayor Walsh is calling on large hospital, university, and commercial real estate owners and property managers to enter the Carbon Cup by pledging to go above and beyond the City of Boston’s goal of reducing GHGs by 25% by 2020. By pledging, participants will be known as Carbon Cup Pledges and are eligible for the Mayor’s Carbon Cup. Carbon Cup Pledges are a trailblazing group of city, state, and national leaders that will demonstrate the depth of possible GHG cuts to others in their respective sectors.

Similar to NYC’s Carbon Challenge, Carbon Cup Participants will pledge to commit to reducing the building energy GHG intensity (choice between GHGe/square foot or GHGe / employee for CRE and GHGe / patient for hospitals) of their properties 35% by 2020, from a 2005 baseline. When the goal is reached, they will be known as Carbon Cup Winners.

EPA Portfolio Manager, via the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance, is the key reporting mechanism for the Cup. This goal is also beyond what the average property must achieve in order for Boston to reach the City’s collective 25% by 2020 goal. The higher bar will be necessary to offset properties and portfolios that cut emissions by less than 25%, as well as Boston’s projected growth over the next six years.
The City is looking for property managers/owners representing at least one million square feet who have already achieved these cuts, as well as those who can pledge to achieve these cuts by May 9th, in time for announcement and recognition on-stage with the Mayor at the Greenovate Boston summit on Saturday, May 31st.

Full guidelines are here. A shorter two-pager is here.

If you are interested in joining, please contact info@greenovateboston.gov and we’ll get back to you within two days.

Some of our partner organizations on the Carbon Cup, who can aid in supporting property portfolios, include:

1. A Better City: as a member of ABC’s Challenge for Sustainability, you will receive hands-on technical assistance and guidance, and have direct access to city, state, and private incentives and subsidies that will help you make investments to improve your bottom line and the environment.

2. Health Care Without Harm

3. Green Ribbon Commission

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