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Climate Change: A threat to our future and our past

By Joe Bagley

Hurricane Sandy was a wakeup call. The 2012 storm wreaked havoc on the mid-Atlantic, destroying property and infrastructure in major US cities including New York.  Boston was lucky: Had the storm arrived just a few hours earlier at high tide, the city could have experienced a 100-year flood. A side story that did not attract much media attention was the loss of historic buildings, landscapes, and archaeological sites along the storm’s path.


How to save energy at work

We're super excited this week!  Why?  Because our Carbon Challenge is now going multimedia, kicking off our first of five campaigns on simple steps Bostonians can take to reduce their carbon footprints.  First up:  The office.


The Top 5 Green Moves Boston Made in 2013


2013 is officially winding down- and what a year it's been for Boston's green movement! We count down five of the City's more exciting sustainable achievements in the past 12 months:


Top 5 Winter Activities to Enjoy in Boston!

Baby, it's cold outside... But that's no reason to stay indoors! Boston has countless activities that are worth bundling up for some fresh air and outdoor fun.  Plus, many cost less than staying inside while running up your heating bill. Check out some good options for winter playing below:



'Tis the Season... To Go Green!


Starting with Thanksgiving, the holidays will be in full swing before you know it! Unfortunately, these back-to-back holidays mean Americans generate 25% more trash.  


Menino's Climate Announcement: Engagement in the 2014 Climate Action Plan update (part 3 of 3)

In 2011, the Mayor set forth a comprehensive Climate Action Plan to be updated every three years. What’s happened since then?

We’ve made steady progress on reaching the Mayor’s goal to reduce municipal and community-wide greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020. The City of Boston has also taken significant steps to prepare for the impacts of climate change and is more prepared today than ever before. And, through the launch of Greenovate Boston last spring, we are reaching and educating more and more people on actions they can take to reduce their own carbon footprint.


Menino's Climate Announcement: Municipal Emissions Update (part 2 of 3)

This past Tuesday, Mayor Menino announced that the City of Boston’s municipal buildings and operations had reduced carbon emissions by approximately 26%, or about 51,000 metric tons.

That’s a big deal, and knocks off 1% of the Boston’s community-wide 2020 goal of a 25% reduction. What’s even more impressive is that most of those reductions happened in a span of four years.

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