Need to run an errand, meet a friend, or get to work downtown? Do it while getting exercise and saving money! Sign up for a Hubway membership to get access to 100 stations and over 1,000 bikes through Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. Or, if you only want to use it for a day or weekend, you can sign up at any station.

Bikes are available 24/7 through spring, summer, and fall. After signing up for an annual membership, a 24-hour access pass, or a 3-day access pass, users ride for free for the first half hour of every use!

Hubway was launched by the City of Boston’s Boston Bikes Program and exemplifies Boston’s community spirit and innovative drive.


Annual membership: $85 (sign up online)
3-day membership: $12 (sign up at station)
24-hour membership: $5 (sign up at station)

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