We're super excited this week!  Why?  Because our Carbon Challenge is now going multimedia, kicking off our first of five campaigns on simple steps Bostonians can take to reduce their carbon footprints.  First up:  The office.

Our awesome video is made by MassArt alum Brandon Dziokonski, and it debuts this week in partnership with Captivate--those interactive elevator screens throughout Boston's largest buildings. For the next few months, all 600 screens will run this video, asking you to try these three energy- and waste-saving actions at work, all of which help lower the amount global warming gases we produce.  Take the pledge to stick with these actions by texting the word "OFFICE" to (617) 945-8867, and we'll follow up with you periodically:

  1. Use the revolving doors in your lobby, which saves eight times the amount of air that needs to be cooled or heated than traditional swing doors;
  2. Set your default printer settings to double-sided printing.  Where the average US office worker trashes 10,000 pages of paper--the amount produced by one tree--going double-sided can do a lot to save waste and clean our air; and
  3. Turn off your computers and unplug phone chargers at your desk every night.  With these being two of the largest energy-drains at work, why not shut them off when they're not in use?

If these look easy, you're right!  SHARE this information with your co-workers and your bosses, and ask them to do the same!  Together, we can all do our part in creating a healthier, cleaner Boston.

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