flow chart for community climate action projects


This toolkit provides ideas and resources for Boston community leaders to contribute to the goals of the City's Climate Action Plan, which will prepare us for the impacts of climate change and reduce carbon emissions.



Two men in neon vests in front of a crowdHost Emergency Preparedness Workshop

  • WHY Each year, the consequences of climate change are becoming more evident. Because of this, we must ensure that Boston’s residents are prepared for any potential emergencies that could impact them. This event should be a time where residents can learn about the importance and process of emergency preparedness.
  • HOW Community leaders can schedule a workshop with Boston Public Health Commission to learn about emergency preparedness in Boston.

Contact Nancy Smith to schedule a “Get Ready. Be Safe. Stay Healthy” workshop by emailing readysafehealthy@bphc.org or calling 617-343-6925. Workshops will walk you through how to make an emergency kit, how to make an emergency plan, emergency alerts sign up, and more.

  • Examples -- [photos from other BPHC community workshops]

Other Ideas

  • Dig up pavement and replace with green infrastructure (Grassroots program, DND)

  • Citizen tree care

  • Mark storm drains (BWSC)




Host an energy efficiency and savings informational event

  • WHY Making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible is one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, it is a great way to save money. The City of Boston has a variety of resources to assist renters and homeowners alike to maximize their energy efficiency -- and you can help share those resources with your community.

  • Details about a no cost energy visit!HOW Community Leaders can use these resources to learn about smart energy use in Boston. Topics to cover could include:

  • Examples -- NOAH, Renew Workshops

Other Ideas




Host a Community Clean-up Event

  • WHY Green space is valuable to a community not only for its cultural significance and aesthetic, but also for the multitude of ecosystem services it provides. So, especially in urban environments like Boston, it is important to ensure that green space is protected from pollution that could negatively impact the resources it provides. This event should be a time to bring members of the community together to clean up and maintain some kind of green space in the community.

  • Group of volunteers standing posing together for a photoHOW Community leaders can use these resources to learn about the areas of Boston that need protection, and how to get started on their clean up.

  • Examples -- NOAH, New England Aquarium.

Other Ideas




Host a Recycling Event

  • WHY Waste reduction is one of the most important focus area for the city of Boston and municipalities similar to it. By reusing and recycling we can collectively keep unnecessary items out of the City’s waste stream, which will save our residents money, create jobs, and help the environment. This event should be an opportunity to educate members of your community about the importance of the waste reduction, and provide with the resources necessary to kick start their progress to zero waste.

  • Two men working on compost HOW Community leaders can use these resources to learn about waste reduction in Boston to confidently educate community.

  • Examples -- JP Fixit Clinic, Waste days

Other Ideas




A biker and jogger on the esplanadeHost a Community Bike Info Session and Tour

  • WHY 30 percent of Boston’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, and with climate change becoming more impactful each day, Boston must come together to encourage sustainable mobility to reduce these emissions.  Cycling instead of driving is one way of doing so. This event should be a way to bring the community together to learn more and get excited about cycling in your community.

  • HOW Community leaders can use these resources to learn about cycling in Boston to confidently educate the community

  • Examples --

Other Ideas




People learning about sustainability in a large roomGeneral